Unlock the Power of TENS Therapy

Empower Your Doula Practice and Transform Your Clients’ Birth Experiences

Are you a passionate doula?

Are you seeking to enhance your practice and offer exceptional care for your clients? Look no further. At DoulaTENS, we provide a powerful solution to differentiate yourself from other doulas and attract clients searching for a more positive birth experience. By incorporating our TENS* therapy system into your practice, you’ll be able to

*Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Experience the DoulaTENS Advantage:
A Unique Path to a Thriving Doula Practice

Choosing DoulaTENS means unlocking the full potential of your practice. Our TENS therapy system offers several key benefits that set you apart from the competition:

Client-Centered Focus

We equip you with the tools and knowledge to concentrate on what matters most: providing exceptional care and support to your clients during their labor journey.


This on-demand TENS therapy training, taught by renowned doula educator Robin Elise Weiss, ensures you'll master TENS therapy and seamlessly integrate it into your practice.

Continuing Education Credits

My comprehensive training not only helps you enhance your services but also offers valuable continuing education credits to support your professional development.

Stand Out
in the

By offering natural, drug-free pain relief through TENS therapy, you'll differentiate yourself from other doulas and attract clients seeking a more positive birth experience.

In Their Words

J, Mother

it was the MVP of my unmedicated birth!

Amy, Doula

I just got to use my TENS unit with my first client yesterday and she said it was an absolute game changer! She credited it completely with being able to stay home as long as she did before heading into the hospital. I felt really empowered being able to show her how to use it and having that tool on hand for her. VERY glad I took your training!! ⚡️

Your Trainer:

Robin Elise Weiss


What you will learn in this class:


Label common parts of a TENS Unit

Pain Relief

Describe how TENS works to relieve pain


Detail the physical experience of TENS

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Evaluate the TENS precautions


Demonstrate safe & proper application of TENS


Detail how to incorporate TENS into doula practice

Transform Your Doula Practice with TENS Therapy

TENS Therapy

As you incorporate TENS therapy into your practice, you’ll experience a transformative impact:

Elevated Client Care

Provide your clients with comfortable, personalized TENS therapy experiences, empowering them to have more positive birth experiences.

A Flourishing Practice

Attract more clients and establish a reputation as the go-to doula for natural, drug-free pain relief during labor.

Professional Growth

Enhance your skillset and continue your professional development through our expert-led training and continuing education credits.

Take the Leap Towards a More Fulfilling Doula Practice

Ready to harness the power of TENS therapy to revolutionize your doula practice?

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